Having your own Agent App is a great way to distinguish yourself from all the other agents in your market. You’ll be able to tell people to “download your app” or to look your name up “in the app store” where they’ll be able to download your own personal smartphone app that will interface them directly with you through your website, email, telephone, social profiles, and rating services.  Click here to learn more.


  • Business Cards

There are many local shops that can print your business cards and online places like vistaprint is a great option too, but, if you want a unique card that no one else has, then we may be able to help.  We can create and ship awesome-looking metal cards, plastic cards, foils, embossing, golden cards, pretty much anything.


  • Brochures, Fliers, & Door Hangers

We can design, print, and deliver high-quality fliers and door hangers for your marketing.  We have full design services available to develop the piece to your satisfaction before we print it.  We also offer full copywriting services for all the content contained in the design.



  • USPS Discounted Stamps

If you are sending mail and paying for postage, you know a stamp from USPS costs upwards of $0.55 – there is no way around paying the full price for postage. Or is there?  We can get you official forever stamps at a significant discount.  Buy in rolls of 100 and save upto 20%.  There is no better deal available on first class postage.


Social Media

  • Boost Your Social Media

Do you use Twitter Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook or any other social network?  You should be using each of these to help promote your name and allow people to follow what you are posting. We can help give you a boost in likes, shares, views and reviews. We will put our resources to work to give you a big social boost and drive more engagement to your social media accounts.


360° Analysis

  • Overview of Your Online Footprint

Have your personal and professional data found and reviewed from the perspective of a buyer/seller.  A professional will review and suggest optimization strategies to you that will give your online profile/website/social accounts the kick they need to remove any and all obstacles and objections a buyer/seller might think. Modify certain words, pictures, titles, etc to appeal to your audience. We will provide you a report with suggested changes and offer help to implement the changes.



  • We will do your Cold-Calling

Do you call (or want to call) FSBO, or expired listings?  We can help.  We have virtual office staff that you can hire who will make your calls for you.  We can use your scripts or industry proven scripts to get the attention of the caller, get the information across, and get their details for following-up.  You can spend your time making calls, or you can outsource to us and let our team do the work for you so you only need to call your hot leads.  *We require the adherence to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) when doing telemarketing.


  • Phone Dialers

We can help get you setup with dialers that can make making phone calls a lot easier.  We have a free solution that we can tell you about for you to click-to-dial your contacts and we also have other options with companies like RedX and MojoSells. *TCPA legal requirements must be adhered to when making automated telephone calls.


  • Voicemail Message Blast

We can help you send a pre-recorded message out to a large list of phone numbers.  You will have the option to send the message directly to their voicemail box like they have missed your call, or you can have it played when they answer the phone.  It is your choice. *TCPA legal requirements must be met in order to send prerecorded voice messages.


  • Text Message Blast

Do you want to blast out a text message to a large number of people?   You can also customize each message.  We can help. *TCPA legal requirements must be met before sending text messages.



  • Protect your Phone Number

NEVER publish your cell phone number online – besides being a security risk, you will start to get a lot of junk/spam calls.  Instead, get a permanent forwarding number that forwards to your cell phone.  We can help you with this.  If you want to get a toll-free 1-800 number, it can unblock everyone’s callerID when they call you.  No more private callers.


  • Get a Toll-free Phone Number

One of the best ways a Real Estate Professional can get noticed is by getting a 1-800 toll free phone number. A toll-free phone number forwards to your cell phone or voicemail, unblocks ALL incoming caller ID’s, keeps track of all your callers, and provides you privacy. We have a special deal with the phone company that has a great phone service for Real Estate Pros.


  • Domain & eMail

We can help you manage your domain and email and we have suggestions on how you can be more efficient doing it.  For example, getting a domain from godaddy and enabling the free email catchall, you’d be able to minimize junk emails and track where all of your email is coming from.  If you’d like to understand more about how this works, contact us.


  • Buy PVC Yard Signs

We have good deals on custom printed corrugated plastic yard signs with ground stakes either the standard size of 24″ x 18″ or a smaller version 18″ x 12″ – we also have full design services to create the perfect sign for you.


  • Virtual Answering Service

Have your calls answered by professional office staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call screening, message taking, and live call transferring is available.


  • Trademark Registration

Turn your name into a registered Word or turn your logo into a registered Image and register a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO.) This prevents others from stealing/copying your trademark and provides you with rights to enforce the protection of your trademark..  We can help you and work with our trademark attorney handle most-all of the USPTO correspondence and office actions for you.



  • Get a Website Built and Hosted

If you are currently using your brokers website and webforms, it is time to break away from the pack – A designer will make a custom real estate website for you so you can upload listings and show off your strong points. We make this easy and affordable!


  • Get a custom Logo Designed for you

As a real estate professional, you are a brand, we can take your personal name or business name and make it into an incredible logo.  Some people don’t even have a brand. A new professionally designed logo can get you recognized as not only a professional, but as a trusted company. We have teamed up with professional graphics artists that will custom design a logo for you, based on you.


  • Get your own iPhone Application Made for you

Having your own Agent App is a great way to distinguish yourself from all the other agents in your market. You’ll be able to tell people to “download your app” or to look your name up “in the app store” where they’ll be able to download your own personal smartphone app that will interface them directly with you through your website, email, telephone, social profiles, and rating services.


  • Custom Printed Pens/Mugs/Shirts

We have access to manufactures who are able to imprint your logo or name onto a variety of products that you can use for marketing purposes such as shirts, pens, and mugs.


  • Video Creation for you

We will make a custom video about you and optimize it to rank on the first page of youtube so that when people are searching youtube for an agent in your area, they will find your video.  You can also use this video in your other marketing.



  • News Articles Written and Published

We can write and publish news articles for you.  We have a variety of strategies that we can discuss with you that we can customize for your needs.  Having favorable press and media organizations publishing things about you is a great way to market your good name.


  • Custom Biography Written

We have professional writers that can research you and write a steller biography about you and your company describing how you arrived at this point and what you intend to do in the future.  A bio is a must-have for any real estate agent.


  • eMail Marketing Message Series Written for you

Sending out regular emails to your sphere is a great way to stay in touch and keep your name at the top of many minds.  Buy what should you write about, and when should you send the emails?  We can help you write an effective and engaging series of emails that you can schedule to be sent to your sphere and your follow-up will be on auto-pilot.


  • Mainstream Media Publication

You can possibly be featured in mainstream publications like a magazine, newspaper, or a broadcast television network.  You will be interviewed (verbally, either on video or phone) and your responses will be included in a media conversation about a specific topic that you are able to contribute your expertise on.  This is a great way to showcase yourself as an expert and reach a large audience.



  • We will Setup Automated eMail Marketing on Mailchimp.com

Mailchimp is an incredible email marketing platform that allows agents a simple solution to sending out regular bulk emails to your sphere and keep in touch with potential and past clients.  We can help get an account setup and running for you.  We can even launch your first email campaign for you.


  • Zillow – Setup and Optimize

Getting an agent profile on Zillow is a must. We can setup your profile and optimize it so that you have the best looking Zillow listing possible.


  • USDRE.com – Activation and Optimization

If you are a real estate agent, then you should be listed in the US Directory of Real Estate.  The USDRE is a free search engine that home buyers and sellers use to find their ideal real estate agent.  We will get you setup and featured on USDRE.


  • YELP – Activation and Setup

A lot of people still get referrals from YELP and we can do all the heavy-lifting for you in regards to setting up and getting your YELP profile some engagement from the community.


  • YouTube – Setup and Optimization of your YouTube Videos

We can optimize your video settings so that it actually ranks high in the youtube search engine. Youtube is the #2 biggest search engine in the world. Your video should be ranking on the first page for the right keywords. We will do that for you.


  • Buy Leads

Do you want leads?  Of course, we all do.  We have a variety of lead sources we can introduce you to that range from HOT leads that are prequalified and ready to sign, to lists of expired listings, FSBO’s, and lists of homeowners based on geography.



  • Sales Training

This book is a guide to being able to “sell” once you get that first contact with a potential client.  These sales techniques should help real estate agents attract and sign more clients.


  • Free Real Estate Coaching

This is a 100% free program offered virtually by Ricky Carruth from Orange Beach Alabama. Ricky Carruth is a top real estate agent in Alabama (single agent) doing about 100 transactions a year. In this free program, Ricky shares his unique philosophy and teaches how to start valuing Relationships over Transactions. Ricky also has a 28 day jumpstart program to help new agents and he goes over new and innovative ways to get more listings which lead to more sales.


  • Sales Guidebook

This book is a guide to being able to “sell” once you get that first contact with a potential client. These sales techniques should help real estate agents attract and sign more clients.


  • Agent Guidebook

This book is for real estate agents that want to learn ways to get new listing, more buyers, and be able to sell 100 homes per year.